A Third of Your Monthly Penance

While searching for a blog entry that might reveal the name of the typeset that was used in The Apartment's main title sequence, I stumbled upon a lovely, stream-of-consciousness post by Janielle Kastner, a writer and podcaster out of Texas.  She, like me, drilled down into the finances of C.C. "Bud" Baxter, since he is so … Continue reading A Third of Your Monthly Penance

Verbal Typos and Other Word Salad

Nathan and Ben began their discussion of Episode 11 with a few choice confabulations in their vocabulary.  First, Ben was confused as to whether "interleavened" was a word.  It's not.  Had he let the dough of his brain rise somewhat, he would have realized the word is the syllabically simpler "interleaved", meaning "with alternating layers". … Continue reading Verbal Typos and Other Word Salad

Uma Thurman is not a Ninja Turtle

There has been a mild splash in comics news recently as IDW's current publication of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise has announced a spin-off title featuring Jennika the new female member of the former males-only quartet. You might be forgiven for not thinking this is "news", per se, on multiple levels: new solo titles in … Continue reading Uma Thurman is not a Ninja Turtle

Lest(er) I Forget…

While The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film did not seem to me to be a direct visual antecedent to Monty Python's Flying Circus, I have found direct evidence to the contrary: Terry Gilliam cites the film as inspiration for his animation storytelling methodology in FilmCraft: Directing (2012).  And on Spike Milligan's death on 27 February 2002, he … Continue reading Lest(er) I Forget…